Our dream

Accelerate social impact

We are a social innovation platform which serves as a bridge between high-impact ventures and public, private and social sectors. 

We focus on providing support to improve the lives of millions of people, especially children and teenagers, with the help of proven successful solutions.

In Latin America

Social impact areas


Our focus is on prevention, detection, intervention and remediation of child abuse and maltreatment, prevention of bullying and cyber-grooming, and prevention of human trafficking and sexual exploitation
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Our focus is to reduce the cognitive gaps, improve language and literacy, give access quality early stimulation and education and promote the socio emocional learning
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Our focus is on mental health, prevent malnutrition and promote healthy lifestyle and in support in chronic or serious diseases
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Be part of it

Collaborate with our mission


Organizations or companies that are motivated to contribute to childhood development and want to be an active part of the project, contributing to its co-construction and supporting it financially


Organizations and companies that share our challenges and dreams and are committed to work collaboratively to solve them


If you have a technology-based solution that can impact the lives of children or adolescents, we would like to meet you!


If you want to scale your services and impact more people using technology and proven solutions, we can help you.



ChildTech Challenge

We are looking for startups with solutions that have a positive impact on the lives of children and teenagers

Meet the winners!

Innovation with social impact


September 27, 2021

These are the candidates competing to be one of the winners of the ChildTech Challenge Chile – Early Childhood Education

A committee of experts made up of representatives of the social world, childhood specialists, social
August 2, 2021

Successful case: social impact implementation technologies at “Fundación Para la Confianza”

"There is no need to be afraid of solving an organizational need through technological ventures."