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It is a call that seeks to attract the world’s most innovative and disruptive startups and the best local NGOs focused on children and youth so that together they can implement a technology-based solution to support social interventions and scale impact.

The first ChildTech challenge focused on the global startup market, and the winning solutions, each with a contract up to USD 30K, are implementing their solutions in Chile with two social organizations.

For this second edition, the winners will implement their solutions in Colombia and Mexico in conjunction with two local social organizations through a technology implementation contract.

This call is aimed at entrepreneurs passionate about impacting society, participating in a startup that meets the following requirements:

  • Have an innovative technology-based solution with the potential to benefit children, adolescents, and youth in the areas of education, comprehensive health, protection, and family support.
  • Are legally constituted in their country of origin and are in good standing with their fiscal/tax commitments
  • There is no minimum antiquity, but priority will be given to those with at least 1.5 years or more of operation
  • Have a scalable business model with a competitive advantage
  • There is no minimum turnover requirement or annual growth rate. However, priority will be given to those startups that demonstrate the greatest growth potential, are positively impacting the global ChildTech ecosystem, and/or can be role models that contribute to catalyzing the industry, and by extension, child development. 
  • Can demonstrate a transferable success case to any of the challenges of the call and/or can demonstrate verifiable experience of their solution in the challenges of the call.
  • We want to promote gender equity, so although there is no minimum, we will prioritize those startups that demonstrate at least 30% of women in the team.
  •  In case the solution is used by end-users, it can be fully adapted to Spanish
  • Applicant startups are expected to have the operational capacity to develop and implement the solution in conjunction with Impactus Ventures and the implementation partner. Startups, as well as each of their members, must agree to the terms and conditions specified in point 6 at the time of application.

The implementation partners are social, non-profit organizations with local, national, and/or regional presence, with great experience, expertise, and reputation in the respective issues addressed by the challenge, which have been previously selected by the Impactus Ventures team.

These organizations, along with the winning startups, are responsible for ensuring the correct implementation of the solution and the success of the project.

For this call, the role of implementation partner will be taken by United Way Colombia and Fondo Unido – United Way Mexico. Both organizations are part of the global network United Way Worldwide, with over 130 years of experience

  • They have minimum seniority and experience of 4 years. ‌ ‌
  • They have interest and/or experience in implementing technological innovation projects in their teams and interventions. ‌ ‌ ‌
  • They have the organizational capacity necessary for the implementation, development, and follow-up of a joint project, as well as the necessary networks to reach project beneficiaries. ‌ ‌
  • They are able to demonstrate their organizational strength

No, the ChildTech Challenge is a global call with a local focus and the application is through an online form that you can find in the previous answer. We are looking for the world’s most innovative startups regardless of their location. We only ask that the application be filled out completely, as partial applications will not be accepted.

 Yes, the ChildTech Challenge is open to all startups that have a transferable success case to any of the verticals of the call.

 Yes, but make sure that the technology solution you are applying for has a clear and verifiable sales and use case.

Yes, as long as the initiative is led by foundations or non-profit corporations that have at least 2 years of experience, are capable of accrediting success stories, and have the operational capacity to develop and implement the solution in conjunction with Impactus Ventures and its implementation partners.

Not necessarily, however, in the event that the solution is used by end-users, it must be completely adapted to Spanish. In addition, you will be implementing your solution in a Spanish-speaking country, so you should consider having someone fluent in Spanish on your team

Check the following link, where you can download the rules and access the link to the application portal

The call will be carried out in 2 phases:

1- Pre-call (Phase 1): Broad call for startups with solutions in the following verticals: education, health, and integral protection, gender equity, development, and human welfare with a focus on pregnancy, early childhood, children, adolescents, parents, educators, and primary caregivers.

The simplified application form for this phase is available here and on the website of Impactus Ventures.

2- Call: In this second phase, and through the publication of the “Technical Bases”, the challenges prioritized by the implementation partners will be notified and startups with solutions with the potential to solve these challenges are expected to advance in their application and complete a more detailed complementary form regarding their solution and implementation proposal.

Both the technical bases and the complementary form will be published on the Impactus Ventures website Impactus Ventures.

The winning startups will receive a service contract for up to USD 30,000 to implement their technology-based solution in conjunction with the respective implementation partner.

In addition, during this period, the selected startups will be granted access to the following services in order to implement their solution:

  1. Infrastructure, if needed, for project execution.
  2. Media presence, i.e.,
    1. Dissemination on Impactus Ventures website and RRSS, its allies, and implementation partner
    2. Press releases generated by Impactus Ventures, its allies, and/or the implementation partner.
    3. At least one meeting, coordinated by Impactus Ventures, with journalists or a specialized platform for a possible appearance in the media (digital or written).
  3. Support from the implementation partner’s team and Impactus Ventures during contract implementation.

And for those selected as “finalists”, they will also have access, together with the winning startups, to a commercial soft-landing plan in the country where the project will be implemented, corresponding to 3 workshops implemented by Impactus Ventures or a partner organization, associated to commercial expansion and investment in Latin America.

  1. You will have the opportunity to implement a high social impact project with an important organization in the country and with beneficiaries in need.
  2. You will be able to document a success story, whether it is the first in the country or in Latin America, which will help you in your commercial expansion plans
  3. As part of the process, we will support you with sessions to understand the local market and the opportunities that exist.
  4. You will be integrated as an Impactus Ventures success story and we will keep you informed of future opportunities

 If you have the operational capacity to develop and implement the solution in two countries with different cultures and idiosyncrasies, as well as to work simultaneously with two organizations and their teams, you are welcome to apply for both countries!

The Impactus Ventures selection team, the Impactus Ventures selected committee of experts, and the Steering Committee. All documents are confidential.

 As stated in the terms and conditions, the process consists of 4 stages:

  1. Filter by form
  2. Candidate selection, by an Expert Committee, convened by Impactus Ventures with specialists in childhood, social innovation, technological development, and a representative of the implementation partner.
  3. Selection of finalists, a phase where candidates are given general feedback on their applications and indications for the material they will have to prepare for the Demoday in case they are selected as finalists.
  4. Selection of winners, through public Virtual Events where the pre-selected startups must present their solutions and an implementation plan to an evaluation jury. The jury will be convened by Impactus Ventures and will include representatives of the convening alliances, specialists in childhood, social innovation, technological development, representatives of the implementation partner, and the Impactus Ventures founders team.
  •  The selection criteria are as follows:

    • Qualifications and experience of the founding team
    • Ability to raise funding and financial security of the startup
    • Potential social impact of the solution
    • Adjustment of the solution and work plan to the implementation partner

During at least the next 10 months, the implementation partner and the winning startup must implement the project according to the agreed implementation plan, follow up and measure impact. Within this period, at least 10 months of continuous use of the solution by the final beneficiary must be contemplated.

During the first six months, the winning startup will be supported and accompanied by Impactus Ventures to ensure proper project implementation.

The implementation times shall be governed according to the current schedule reflected in the official means of the call for proposals.

Kick-Off Phase 1 Call: Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 00:00 hours (USA CT) *

Kick-Off Phase 2 Call and Q&A session: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 (time to be confirmed)

Application deadline: Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at 23:59 hours (USA CT) *.

Publication of finalists: Monday, June 20, 2022 *


 *All dates are subject to change with prior notice. We recommend that you follow our social networks and website, where we will communicate any changes.

*Those who, during the pre-selection, are chosen as candidates and later as finalists to advance to the Demo Day, will be notified via email.
Likewise, and in case you are not selected to advance in the process, you will be notified via email.

Pre-call start date: Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 00:00 hours (USA CT) *

Presentation of the challenges and implementation partners: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 (time to be confirmed)

Start of call: Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at 00:00 hours (USA CT) *

Application deadline: Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at 23:59 hours (USA CT) *.

 *All dates are subject to change with prior notice. We recommend that you follow our social networks and website, where we will communicate any changes.

The results of the pre-selection will be published on the Impactus Ventures website and social networks. You will receive an email with the results of your application.

Impactus Ventures and its allies recognize that the intellectual property of the solution belongs to the winning startups.

We hope you will help us collaborate on Impactus Ventures’ mission to build bridges for social innovation and make a positive impact in the lives of millions of children and youth.

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